my cat goes outside sometimes and she got out after dinner and hadn’t come back for a few hours. my dog was snuggling against me and being super sweet to me. i just got up to see if the cat was ready to come back in and she was, of course, meowing on the porch. so i let her in. now my dog is in the living room cuddling with my cat. i am offended. you are both supposed to love me! duh! 

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a lotta stuff i see on etsy i’m like…

'i really like that, but i could probably make it myself'

…. but then i’m like

'that would be stealing their idea though. also i don't want to go through all that trouble.'

*add to cart*

'buuuut it's too expensive, i could make it for way less'

*keeps in cart and never purchases/forgets idea*

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I got new sheets Saturday, washed and dried them yesterday, and still haven’t put them on my bed because I’m #lazy

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girls who pretend to act stupid because they think it’s cute need to be slapped in the face with a brick

girls who pretend to act stupid because they think it’s cute need to be taught that their thoughts and opinions matter. so many girls are taught that being smart and capable is threatening to boys and will scare them away. please don’t hit these girls with bricks thanks

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the more a guy talks about how horny he is/sexts me the less turned on I am. even if I’m super horny myself I just can’t deal with the gross vibes of men constantly wanting to bang women. think it, don’t say it. I know why you’re texting me without you telling me how hard your dick is.

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charlie, i do a backflip every single day of my life

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